·       Before:

·       Avoid drinking in excess the night before getting tattooed.

·       Do not drink or smoke marijuana before appointment, this will increase bleeding, and intensify pain.

·       Eat well before appointment to help endurance and keep blood sugar up.

·       Clean body and shave area if necessary, as a courtesy to artist.

·       If using numbing products, apply at least an hour and a half before appt. cover well with saran wrap. Inquire for full directions.

·       Aftercare:

·       Take a hot shower and wash tattoo with antibacterial soap (Dr. Bronner’s recommended) air-dry tattooed area. 

·       It is ok to wrap tattoo in saran wrap over night to prevent sticking to clothing and damaging bedding. Remove wrap in the morning and wash thoroughly with warm water and soap. let tattoo air-dry.

·       antibiotic, A+D, or petroleum-based healing ointments should be used very sparingly. we recommend Applying only once a day for no more than 4 days. after Application, any excess should be blotted off with a dry paper towel. over-use will prevent the tattoo from healing properly.

·      Apply an unscented, all-natural lotion a few time through out the day as needed to keep the skin comfortable. We recommend our own brand "armature tattoo butter" made by APOTHECARY muse and sold at the shop.

·       It is normal for the skin to dry out and peel, like a mild sunburn. Do not pick, or peel the skin, let it fall off naturally and keep moisturized.

·       In the first week, avoid direct sunlight on the tattooed area.

·       In the first two weeks, avoid swimming in pools, hot tubs, rivers, oceans and any situation involving soaking the tattoo, contact with chlorine, or brackish water.

·       IF anything out of the ordinary occurs, contact your tattoo artist for further instructions.

Avoid Any products that contain alcohol, synthetic fragrances or unnatural additives. limit use of petroleum based products.


·       After tattoo is fully healed, avoid over-exposure to direct sunlight, this will fade tattoos. always use SPF 30 or higher sun blocks to protect your tattoo.

·       Moisturize with good quality, all natural, lotions. This will keep the tattoo vibrant and looking fresh longer.

·       Come back to Armature Tattoo Company with any aftercare questions or to   purchase aftercare products.